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What site dedicated to saying thank you would be complete without a section dedicated to Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving, for me, is one of those holidays that I didn’t fully appreciate when I was growing up. However, many of those memories of time spent with my family are some of my most cherished.

There was the time that our oven was broken, and it took 15 hours for Turkey to cook. I remember Mom staring at the button on the turkey waiting for that thermometer button to pop. And to make matters more memorable, that was the Thanksgiving was that I was sick with strep throat. Even after we were able to have dinner at nearly 11 PM, I could only swallow the mashed potatoes. But there were great, and of all the Thanksgivings, that is one of the ones I remember the most.

Enjoy these funny, informative, and gratitude-filled pages and have a very Happy Thankgiving. Make lots of memories!

Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

I needed some Thanksgiving dinner ideas for this site, but I’m not much of a chef. So I had a friend write the article below for me. Also there are some links for recipes at the bottom of this page, too. My kind of dinner ideas involve going to the diner or ordering pre-prepared meals […]

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