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Do you need wording ideas for your personal thank you letter? Check out these pages, which include sample notes, sayings, quotes to use to say thank you for gifts, hospitality, parties and more!

Unique Thank You Wording

So many of you have written me looking for inspiration regarding unique wording for your thank you notes and cards. Some want ways to write essentially the same letter to two people, for instance, the two librarians at your sons school or another thank you note to a customer you’ve already thanked prior. Others just want […]

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Mothers Day Poems

Use these Mothers Day Poems (below) as wording for you cards or Emails or even to post on Facebook. The first two are originals for The others are partial or full poems that are famous. Mother’s Day Poem One by Thank you, Mom I want to say a very happy Mother’s Day For […]

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Thank You Snowman to Go With Christmas and Holiday Thank you Post

Christmas Thank You Notes

January is National Thank You month and a great time to send out Christmas and holiday thank yous. Below are some sample notes for gift baskets, cell phones, and restaurant cards, and you’ll find even more gift thank you examples on this page, which includes a few general templates, sample notes for clothes, music, video […]

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Writing Thank You For Flowers

Writing thanks for flowers when set in the context of romance is often overlooked. Unlike other thank yous, it is considered proper etiquette to telephone and say thank you for the flowers as soon as they arrive. This lets the sender know they reached you safely. A thank you note, however, is a sexy way to […]

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Hospitality Thank You Card Wording

Below you’ll find samples of thank you card wording for hospitality and favors such as being an overnight guest, pet watching, etc. If you’d like examples for gifts go here. Tip: If you were a guest for multiple nights in someone’s home, particularly  if it was for a business trip or your own vacation, it […]

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Gift Thank You Note Wording

Below you’ll find thank you note wording to say thank you for gifts from friends, co-workers and family. Whether it’s Christmas gifts, birthdays, housewarming thanks, Valentines Day or any other holiday, these notes are a great guide. This is part two of my article “Free Thank You Note Examples and Tips You Can Use Instantly,” […]

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