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Do you need wording ideas for your personal thank you letter? Check out these pages, which include sample notes, sayings, quotes to use to say thank you for gifts, hospitality, parties and more!

Personal Thank You Letter Samples

Below, you will find each personal thank you letter sample written grouped by receiver. There are a million variations of personal thank you notes , and I want to write them all. I thought this would make it easier for you to find your personal thank you letter right away. Some Quick Dos and Don’ts […]

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Sample Thank You Verses

Below or a few sample thank you verses. These are great for pre-printed cards or to copy into a note you’re sending to a friend. Thank You Poem for a Gift Let me say thank you for the gift And more thanks for the thought The greatest thing I can thank you for is all […]

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Baptism Godparent Thank You – First Communion Thank You Wording

Writing a baptism godparent thank you note is a classy act, and one of the few occasions, where the modern day thank you note is still required and expected. If you would like to make your baptism or first communion thank you note even more special consider a handmade thank you card. Godparents serve a […]

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Unique Thank You Wording

So many of you have written me looking for inspiration regarding unique wording for your thank you notes and cards. Some want ways to write essentially the same letter to two people, for instance, the two librarians at your sons school or another thank you note to a customer you’ve already thanked prior. Others just want […]

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Mothers Day Poems

Use these Mothers Day Poems (below) as wording for you cards or Emails or even to post on Facebook. The first two are originals for The others are partial or full poems that are famous. Mother’s Day Poem One by Thank you, Mom I want to say a very happy Mother’s Day For […]

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