Welcome to the new MyThankYouSite.com and thank you for visiting.

thank you card wording picYou may be looking for wording for a thank you note or a great thank you quote to post on your Facebook, but did you know you may actually be making yourself a happier person?

Studies have shown that expressing gratitude is one of the key components to happiness. That’s why it’s so awesome that you’re looking for ways to say thank you.

On this site, you’ll find numerous ways to help you say thank you and cultivate the happiness that comes from being grateful. You’ll find thank you note examples, poems, thank you quotes, and customizable cards for personal events like weddings, baby showers as well as business note samples and cards. Plus, you’ll find inspirational stories and articles that help you cultivate your natural sense of gratitude and happiness.

Hard times, stress, or just a busy life can sometimes get in the way of sending out a thank you note, counting your blessings, or just making a phone call. It happened to me. That’s why I started the original My-Thank-You-Site.com seven years ago. So I could make thankfulness part of my life. Now over 11 million visitors from around the world have visited my little experiment. Isn’t it great to know that there are so many grateful people in the world just like you?

But I wanted something even better for you than the old site!

Easier mobile design. More notes. More cards. More articles about happiness. In short just more. I’m fixing up this new version to be even better. (Starting with no more confusing hyphens). It’s been a stressful year for me and my family, but it’s during hard times that we need our sense of gratitude the most. Join me here on this site and via my newsletter to help each other share our thankful thoughts and reach for happiness.

Thanks again for coming. Keep in touch. 🙂

Gratefully yours,

Christy Murphy