Baby Gift Thank You Notes for Ten Most Popular Gifts

Baby Gift Thank You Note Wording for Top 10 Baby GiftsThese baby gift thank you notes are for the top ten most requested baby shower gifts.

1) Baby Clothes / Outfits / Onesies

• Thank you for the adorable (insert description such as color or description such as sailor, giraffe) onesie(s). Little (insert name of future child) will look so cute in your thoughtful gift. You have great taste. Thanks again.

2) Gift Certificates / Gift Cards / Money


• Thank you for your generous gift. We are planning to use if for (insert activity such as decorating the baby’s room, college fun, etc.). Your thoughtfulness and generous contribution to our growing family is truly appreciated. Thanks, again.

Gift Card or Gift Certificate

• Thank you for the (Insert Store or brand name such as Target or Visa) Gift Card. It is one of my favorite stores. We used it to buy _________. [or We can’t wait to go shopping, but wanted to thank you right away.] Your generous and practical gift is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

3) Baby Blankets / Receiving Blankets

• Thank you for the cuddly receiving blanket/baby blanket. When little (insert child’s name) is snuggled in the warmth of your cute gift, I will be grateful to remember the good friend who gave it to us and all the love that surrounds our growing family because of friends like you. Thank you.


• Thank you for the diapers. How ever did you guess I would need them! Seriously, your practical gift will definitely come in handy. Now, if you could just persuade (insert name of husband) to be designated diaper daddy, I will forever be in your debt. Thanks again.

5) Bathtub

• Thank you for the baby bathtub. I will think of you every time I use it. Your warm and sudsy well wishes are greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

6) Baby Bottles

• Thank you for the baby bottles. Your thoughtful gift will be remembered at all hours of the day and night when little (insert child’s name or if not selected a pet name like little one) gets hungry. You are a great friend. Thanks again.

7) High Chair

• Thank you for the high chair. It is perfect. Your generous gift is “high”-ly appreciated. Get it? But, seriously, your gift will serve as a reminder to be thankful for your friendship and generosity at every meal. Thanks again.

8) Towel/Hooded Towel

• Thank you for the hooded towel. Your thoughtfulness will be remembered each time I wrap little Bobby in your cuddly gift. Thanks again.

9) Stroller

• Thank you for the fantastic baby stroller. It’s a luxury baby vehicle with pockets and compartments for everything and drives like a dream. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

10)Baby Bib

• Thank you for the adorable baby bib. Little Caleb will be drooling with gratitude. But seriously, it is very cute and practical. Thanks again.

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