Baby Shower Thank You Poems and Verses

The baby shower thank you poems below were written exclusively for my thank you I hope you enjoy them.

While we are waiting
for Baby’s debut.
We wanted to write
and say thank you.

So, thanks for the lovely gift
and being a great friend.
The shower would not have been as fun
if you did not attend.


I wanted to say thank you.
Daddy says thank you, too.
Baby will say thanks I’m sure
right around when he/she turns two.


Thank you for the gift
that I will soon see.
Mom says it’s really great,
and you picked it just for me.
Mom is sending this card of thanks
because I have yet to arrive.
And even when I do,
I won’t write good ’til I’m five.
Thank you from Me, Mommy & Daddy.


Thank you for the baby gift
my dear and thoughtful friend.
And when I think of the joy of knowing you
my gratitude has no end.