Birthday Thank You Messages: Sample Notes and Tips

It used to be that you only could send birthday thank you messages via the mail. But now, if you receive a gift card via Email or Facebook, it is perfectly acceptable to send your thank yous digitally as well. Of course, nothing beats a card or handwritten note, and if your gift was a big check from your grandparents, crack out that stationery. Plus, kicking it old school with paper, pen, and stamp makes a great impression and it’s fun.

Example Note for Birthday Money or Checks

• Thank you for the wonderful birthday card and generous check. I used it to buy a fantastic new pair of boots that I’ve had my eye on for months. You made my birthday all the more happy. Thanks again.

Tip: It’s considered gauche to say the exact amount of money sent as a gift (or gift card) you can say “generous check” or “generous gift” or just “money.” It’s also a good idea to mention how you spent the money. If you are saving the money for something special you can say something to the effect of “I’m saving the money until I can think of something as special to spend it on as you.”

Thank You for the Gift card Wording

General Sample Note for Gift Card

• Thank you for the (insert name of store) gift card. It will definitely be put to good use [or I used it to buy xxxxx]. Your birthday wishes and thoughtful gift are truly appreciated. Thanks again.

For Starbucks Gift Card

•  Thanks a latte for the Starbucks gift card you sent me for my birthday. My brain will enjoy the caffeine. You rock.

For Amazon Gift Card

• Thanks for the Amazon gift card. It’s the perfect gift, because they have everything! [choose: I used it to buy xxxx -or- I can’t wait to get shopping.] You made my special day even more special. Thanks again.

Tip: Just like money, you don’t need to say the amount of the gift card. You can mention what you used the card to buy (especially if it is a larger amount of money) or say that you “can’t wait to use it.”

Thank you for Drinks Out

• Thanks for taking me out to [insert name of bar] for my birthday. It was so much fun that I think I’ll need all of this year to recover. You really know how to celebrate. Thanks again.

Thanks for Birthday Dinner

• Thank you for taking me out to [insert restaurant] for my birthday. The food was fantastic and the company was even better. You made a special occasion truly special. Thanks again.

General Gift Wording

Thank you for the lovely [insert gift] you sent for my birthday. [Choose one: I’ll think of you every time I use it. -or- You have incredible taste. -or- You always pick out the perfect gift.] You sure know how to put the ‘happy’ in happy birthday. Thanks again.

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