Business Thank You Letters

Business thank you letters picBusiness thank you letters do not have to be long to be effective. The key is to send your notes or cards as soon as possible.

Here you’ll find sample notes to say thanks to a speakers, declining a sales presentation (while not burning bridges in your field), and follow-up thank yous for conventions.

Thank You Notes for Speakers

• Thank you for your wonderful sales training (or insert other topic) at yesterday’s luncheon (or insert last night’s dinner, or Monday afternoon). Your presentation was both informative and entertaining. There was so much useful information such as your tips on turning customer complaints in to sales opportunities. Thank you for such a stellar presentation.

• Thank you for coming to speak to our ladies group (or insert your group’s name) yesterday. Your captivating talk on women inventors throughout history was inspiring. You were a big hit with all of our members. Thank you for such a memorable and enjoyable afternoon.

Declining Sales Presentation

• Thank you for coming to speak with us regarding how Acme Products can help us with our cleaning needs. (insert name of product presentation). At this time we are choosing to

(Pick one of the following or use your own reason)• remain with our current vendor.
• use another vendor.

Note: If you could have been swayed by a cheaper price, a wider variety of goods, or faster service it can help to say so here. There is a chance that you could get a better offer from your sales rep and get a better deal.
Ex: As this time we are choosing to remain with our current vendor, because they offer faster shipping at a lower price per unit.

Your information will be kept on file for future use. (Only say this if you will actually file their information). Thanks again.

Convention Thank You Letters

The key to this type of  thank you letter is to keep it short and remember what your goal is. Do you want to make a sale? Establish a contact? Etc. You can send materials with the thank you note or just send it on its own. These letters can also be used for networking events and “meet-ups” simply replace the word convention with the name of the event.

Tip: The best way to get your letter past the gate keeper is to send it with a regular stamp with a hand-written envelope.

Thanks for Visiting Our Booth (w/ materials)

• Thank you for taking the time to visit our booth at the convention. Enclosed are materials regarding our (insert type of services). I’ll call you (insert time such as next week) in order to answer any questions you have regarding (insert subject) and to see how (insert name of company) can help you with (insert a problem if you’ve taken notes or saying something general such as “your medical needs” “grow your business,etc. Thanks again.

To someone you met, but cannot use their service, but want to maintain a relationship

• Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about your (insert name of company) at the (insert name of convention). It was great to meet you. Although, I don’t have an immediate need for (insert type of services), it would be great to keep in touch so that we can work together in the future.

Thank You for Meeting

• Thank you for meeting with me yesterday to discuss how our companies can work together. Your input on what your healthcare needs are for your employees was particularly helpful. Enclosed the information you requested. I’ll follow up with you next week. Thanks again.

• Thank you meeting with me yesterday to discuss your janitorial needs. When you need a new company for maintenance and cleaning, please keep Murphy Services in mind. Thanks again for your time and consideration.