Christmas Thank You Notes

Thank You Snowman to Go With Christmas and Holiday Thank you PostJanuary is National Thank You month and a great time to send out Christmas and holiday thank yous. Below are some sample notes for gift baskets, cell phones, and restaurant cards, and you’ll find even more gift thank you examples on this page, which includes a few general templates, sample notes for clothes, music, video games, painting and artwork.

Just change the word “birthday” to Christmas or Hanukkah on these sample thank you notes, and you’ll get great notes for cash, checks and gift cards including the most popular ones like Amazon and Starbucks.


  • Thank you for getting me an iPhone for Christmas! It’s an amazing gift–fun and practical–just like you. Thanks again.

  • Thank you for getting me the new iPhone 5s (or insert other model) for the holiday. You always choose the most wonderful gifts. Best present ever! Thanks again.

 Restaurant Gift Card

  • Thank you for your generous gift card to The Olive Garden (or insert other restaurant). It will be so lovely to have an evening out, and your choice of restaurant was perfect. Thanks again.

Gift Basket (general)

  • Thank you for the lovely holiday gift basket. It was beautiful and the goodies were amazing. The season was all the merrier for having received it. Thanks again.

Fruit Basket

  • Thank you for the beautiful fruit basket you sent for the holidays. Not only was it a festive decoration, but it was healthy and tasty, too. It was very thoughtful of you. Thanks again.


  • Thank you for the fantastic gift basket of treats you sent for the holidays. Nothing says holiday season more than chocolate (or insert cookies, candy, baked goods, desert)! It was beautiful and delicious. You really know how to make the holiday season merry. Thanks again.


  • Thank you for the wonderful bottle of Grey Goose (or insert other brand) you sent for the holiday. iYou really know how to put the happy in happy holidays! It will be put to good use. Thanks again.

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