Condolence phrases and tips for offering condolences to the grieving

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Whether you need to offer condolences in a card on the telephone or in person, the condolence phrases and articles below can help you come up with the words to comfort your friends, family, coworkers or loved one. Best of luck to you in this difficult time.


Condolence phrases and sayings

• Words fall short of expressing my sorrow.

• I am sorry for your loss.

• I can not imagine what you are going through. Please know I am here for you when you are ready to talk.



• Sympathy is two hearts tugging at one load. ~Charles Henry Parkhurst

• For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity. ~William Penn More at Condolence Quotes|Condolence Quote. : Inspirational Quotes

• I know we never lose the people we love. They live the rest of our lives with us in our heart.


• It has been a very tough year for you. I hope you know that life has not ended for you just changed.

• When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure….More at Words of Condolence – Wording for Sympathy Card

Helpful articles regarding condolences

1) If someone you know has experienced a loss, it will have an effect on all who come into contact with that person. If you are one of those people, you may feel uncomfortable or perhaps uncertain. “What should I say?” is a common question. Some people who come into contact with a person who is grieving experiences feelings of helplessness. You are not alone. What matters most is not what you say, but the fact that you care. Below are general tips to for interacting with a grieving family member or friend or a grieving co-worker or employee….More at Tips for Helping A Grieving Family Member, Friend, Co-Worker or 

2) Different Condolences different Cultures

Many variables go into deciding how to offer condolences: your relationship to the mourner, your geographical proximity to the mourner or the funeral service, the country in which the funeral will be held, and the person’s religious beliefs as well as that of their family. Most people appreciate any form of heartfelt condolences. The simplest solution is to send a card or letter to the mourner….More at Offering Condolences Across Cultures | RW3 CultureWizard


3) For Kids

As a mother and as someone who lost my mother at a young age, I have compiled these tips for parents to help children cope with loss….More at Helping Your Grieving Child After a Death | Parenting | GalTime

4) To Offer Comfort During the Holidays

Often, friends and family members of those affected by a loss are unsure how to act or what to say to support their grieving loved one during the holidays. The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) offers suggestions from hospice professionals, who are experienced at helping people deal with grief and loss, including:

Be supportive of the way the person chooses to handle the holidays. Some may wish to follow traditions; others may choose to avoid customs of the past and do something new. It's okay to do things differently….More at Meryl Ain, Ed.D.: Nine Tips to Help Someone Grieving During the

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