Fathers Day Poems

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Father’s Day Poetry

On this day, I think about
when I was little, how often
you knelt down to help me,
and how ever since I have tried
to grow up to reach you.

You taught me how to ride a bike,
and how to catch a ball,
you taught me how to swim the waves,
and how to stand tall,
and you taught me how to make my life,
and how to love it all.

How lucky I am, to have a father like you,
for all the love and support you bring
so tirelessly into our lives,
for always being there, with a smile,
with so much heart.

Daddy, thanks for the pancakes,
And the baseball games,
The really juicy hamburgers,
And the barbecue flames,
Thanks for the piggyback rides,
And not wearing plaid,
But most of all,
Thanks for being my dad.

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