Sample Business Thank You Notes to Say Thanks for Referrals

Business thank you notes referral picA business thank you letter is great non-intrusive way to increase your sales and referrals. Always send a thank you note to a customer or business associate who refers a customer to you (and if it is a big customer, a thank you gift wouldn’t hurt). Every bit of business referred costs you nothing in advertising or sales commissions.

Often times a referral thank you, particularly from a business colleague, is best sent with a gift. The most elaborate thank you gift being for the first referral. Think of the commission you would have paid to a sales rep for the sale or the cost of advertising to gain this new customer. Plus, word gets around fast when referral gifts are sent. You will find other people send you even more referrals.

To use these sample letters simply change the italicized words to suit your needs.

Sample Thank You for the Referral Note

  • Thank you for referring Mr. Jones. You can be assured he is in good hands. Thanks again.
  • Thank you for sending your friend, Robert, to us. Your recommendation means a great to all of us at Acme Lighting Design, and you can be sure that he will be well taken care of. Thank you for thinking of us.

Sometimes it’s a simple, short thank you in a card, to accompany some homemade cookies:

• Carly came to me for paralegal services because of your recommendation. Thank you. Please accept this token of my appreciation.

Sample Business Thank You Note that Requests a Referral

You can also ask for referrals when you thank your customer for buying from you. This type of business thank you letter is not recommended for renewal sales such as cosmetics or renewable services unless it is accompanied by a special offer (such as get a free facial for referring a friend to our salon) to lifetime customers in a very casual, small-business setting, where you know the customers by first name such as pool services, baby sitting. Asking for a referral from a customer who has recently bought is best reserved for high-end products that are not non-renewable or renewed only every few years such as:

  • Auto sales
  • Real estate
  • Commercial and machinery sales
  • Deck refinishing, window upgrades, roofing and other major home renovations
  • Certain types of legal services such as bankruptcy, immigration, personal injury, DUI, bail bonds, etc.
  • Cosmetic dentistry procedures
  • Wedding and party planning services (DJs, musicians, etc.)

Basically any sale where you where your customer is likely to not have an immediate or recurring need for your services in the near future. The powerful thing about this type of business thank you letter is that with services and items that people do no purchase or use regularly, they are more likely to not no where to find a professional. Many customers will save themselves the trouble and go with the recommendation of a trusted friend or associate.

Sample Thank You Note with Referral Request

  • Thank you for shopping at Brewster’s Auto Mall. The next time you, a friend or family member needs a luxury vehicle, remember we are here to serve you. Enjoy your new car!
  • Thank you for choosing Driveways-R-Us to pave your new driveway. Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concern regarding the care of your new driveway. And when your neighbors compliment the look of your home, please feel free to send them our way. Thanks again.