Sample Thank You Verses

Below or a few sample thank you verses. These are great for pre-printed cards or to copy into a note you’re sending to a friend.

Thank You Poem for a Gift

Let me say thank you for the gift
And more thanks for the thought
The greatest thing I can thank you for
is all the joy you’ve brought.


Thank you for Being A Good Friend

Just a little note of gratitude
for the joy of knowing you.
Sometimes I take it for granted,
to have a friend so true.


For Pre-printed Card

Our sincerest thanks
for all of your good wishes
and your generous gift.


For Sympathy or Formal Event

We would like to extend
our deepest gratitude to you
for the joy and warmth
you bring into our lives.


Thank You Poem for Generosity / Helping Hand / Volunteer

I wish I said it every time
you do the things you do.
You always lend a helping hand,
and I’m filled with gratitude.
You are strong and generous
for each and everyone one of us.
I am eternally grateful,
I cannot say thanks enough.