Hospitality Thank You Card Wording

thank you card wording picBelow you’ll find samples of thank you card wording for hospitality and favors such as being an overnight guest, pet watching, etc. If you’d like examples for gifts go here.

Tip: If you were a guest for multiple nights in someone’s home, particularly  if it was for a business trip or your own vacation, it is ideal to get a gift. The same rule of thumb goes for someone watching your pet or home while you are away. Anything longer than an extended weekend deserves a nice gift.

Sample Notes For Hospitality

Overnight Stay

  • Thank you for letting me stay with you while I was in town. You have a lovely home, and it was so much fun to see you again. I’ll always remember our trip to Tradewinds Park (insert a place) and the boat ride (or insert activity). Memories and friends are the spice of life. So memories with great friends are the absolute tops. Thanks again.

Multiple Night Stay Note w/ Gift

  • If not for your generosity, I would have never been able to see Chicago. (or insert activity such as attend the convention, afford the business trip, etc.) It was wonderful to get to see you again, and I’ll always remember our night at Sparky’s. (Or insert other event) Please accept this small gift as a token of my appreciation for your hospitality. Thanks again.

Pet Sitting

  • Thank you very much for watching (insert name of pet) while we were away. It really made our trip so much easier know that he/she was well taken care of. You’re the best neighbor (or sister, friend, aunt, nephew, etc) ever. Thanks again.

If you bought a gift just add the before the thanks again: Please accept this small gift as a token of my appreciation for taking such great care of (insert dog name).

Baby sitting

  • Thank you so much for baby sitting Ann for us so that we could have our date night. It really made our week.  Baby sitting is so expensive these days, and if it wasn’t for your generosity we would have never been able to afford to go out. You are a wonderful friend. Thanks again.

Tip: Sometimes offering have someone over for dinner or providing a small token of appreciation like baked cookies or a $5 coffee card can go a long way to let someone know they are appreciated for providing free child care when you’re on a budget.

Having you over for dinner party

  • Thank you for having me over for dinner last Saturday night (or insert time). The food was as wonderful as the hosts, which is a difficult feat. It was a fun and enjoyable evening that I won’t soon forget. Thanks again.

More notes and letters are being added all the time. So keep checking back for more.