Thank You Note Phrases for Your Cards and Letters

Here are some quick thank you note phrases for all occasions–casual, formal, and even gifts you don’t like.

You can even use these for voice mail messages, speeches or when receiving a compliment.

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Since it is rude to criticize a gift or lie, here are some positive or neutral thank you card phrases.
These thank you note phrases can be used to say thanks for all kinds of gifts even the ones that, to be frank, kind of stink.

Neutral Phrases
(for gifts you may not have totally liked)

These thank you phrases can come in handy when
everybody is watching you open gifts at a party. Not all of these are going to work for everybody, but you may find one or two you can use that you haven’t thought of or may have forgotten.

• I’ll think of you every time I look at it (or use it).

• What an original present.

• Thank you for the beautiful card and a present on top of that!

• You shouldn’t have.

• Thanks for not only taking the time to think of me, but to send (bring) a gift as well.

• Words cannot convey my gratitude.

• Your generosity overwhelms me.

• You can have no idea how much it means to me.

• However did you find this!

• It’s stunning!

• It looks like one-of-a-kind.

• Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

A common trick some people use, is to comment on the beautiful wrapping paper. I’ve only on occasion been able to pull off the wrapping paper ploy.

It typically works best when you know the person never
gets you something you really like, but you appreciate them thinking of you.

So start gushing over the wrapping (even sometimes when it’s a good gift the wrapping can be so cool it’s worth noting) and start thanking in advance of opening the gift. Tell me if it works!

Phrases for stuff you really dig

• I love it!
• You have such great taste.
• I could not have picked out a better insert item myself.
• It’s perfect.
• It’s exactly what I wanted.

These are easier to come up with on your own so these are just a few thank you note phrases. You can also use one these thank you card sentiments for classy ways to show thanks.
Want the whole thank you note
and nothing but the note?

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General Thank You Phrases

You can even use these for voice mail messages, speeches or when receiving a compliment.
• Thank you
• Thanks a lot
• Thanks so much
• Thank you ever so
• Thanks-a-mundo (Remember Fonzi from Happy Days?)
• I cannot thank you enough
• Thanks again
• Major thanks
• Major thankies
• Merci (French)
• Muchas Gracias (Spanish)
• Salamat Po (Tagalog)
• I am so grateful for this.
• I truly appreciate this.
• Thank you to everyone who made this possible.
• Thank you one and all.
• Thanks hank.
• A big thank you to everyone …
• A round of applause to everyone …