Gift Thank You Note Wording

Pic for thank you wordingBelow you’ll find thank you note wording to say thank you for gifts from friends, co-workers and family. Whether it’s Christmas gifts, birthdays, housewarming thanks, Valentines Day or any other holiday, these notes are a great guide. This is part two of my article “Free Thank You Note Examples and Tips You Can Use Instantly,” which included the basics of every note, the diction difference in informal vs formal notes, and few examples. You can read that here.

General/Generic Templates

  • Thank you for your generous (or lovely) insert specific gift. It is exactly what I/we wanted for insert event such as (my birthday, housewarming, anniversary, wedding, for the baby etc). You made the (insert occasion such as birthday, anniversary) that much more special. Thanks again.
  • I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for the great (insert name of gift). I/we will think of you every time we use it. It was a truly thoughtful and wonderful gift. Thanks again.

Sample Notes for Clothing


  • Thank you for the beautiful sweater you sent for Christmas (or my birthday, graduation, etc). It will definitely come in handy when it gets cold. I can’t wait to wear it. You have great taste. Thanks again.


  • Thank you for the lovely dress you sent me for my birthday (anniversary, Christmas, etc). It’s the perfect thing to wear on a date! Now, all I need is the perfect date occasion to show it off. It’s handy to have a friend (or insert relative such as aunt, mom, sister) who’s got style! Thanks again.


  • Thank you for sending me new socks and underwear for the Fall Semester (for Christmas, birthday, etc). It will be put to good use, and I’ll think of you every time I use them. LOL But seriously, it’s definitely appreciated. You’re awesome. Thanks again.

Music/Movies/Video Games

Specific Album

  • Thank you for getting me Maroon 5’s Overexposed  (or insert artist name then album name) for my birthday (insert other event). The whole album is great, but I’m totally hooked on “Love Somebody” (or insert specific song) right now. It was way cool of you to remember my (insert special occasion), and to send a great gift, too. You totally rock. Thanks again.

Specific DVD/Movie/TV Show

  • Thank you for buying me the Season Six of Mad Men (or insert specific movie name) for Christmas. (or insert other occasion such as going away gift, graduation, etc.). I can’t get enough of Don Draper and Peggy. (or insert other characters or favorite actor) You really know what I like. Thanks again.

Video Game

  • Thank you for getting me the new Halo: Spartan Assault (or insert specific name) game. I’ve been dying to play it. It really is great, and it was very cool of you to remember how much I love this game. You’re the best grandma, ( or insert: friend, mom, sister, dad) ever! Thanks again.

Home decorating items


  • Thank you for the beautiful vase you gave us for our housewarming (or insert other occasion). We’ve (or I) displayed it the foyer (or insert other location), and it adds such an elegant touch to the space. It’s such a thoughtful gift, and you have excellent taste. Thanks again.


  • Thank you for the exquisite framed Brett Gilbert (or insert name of artist or style of art) print. I’ve put it in the guest bedroom and have already received compliments. People really respond to the kitschy style juxtaposed against the dark subject matter. (or insert any comment on the artwork) You have a real eye for art. Thanks again.
  • Thank you for the beautiful, framed photographs you sent for our housewarming. They are displayed in the family room, and we love them. We can’t wait to have you over to see it. Thanks again.


  • Thank you for sending the wonderful flowers you sent me for Mother’s Day (or other holiday). Sunflowers (or insert name of flowers) are my favorite, and they not only brightened my living room, they brightened my whole day. It was very thoughtful of you. Thanks again.

For Gift card/Cash/Checks

(see birthday page which also includes notes to say thank you for taking out to dinner or drink and other great notes)