Use any of These Samples for Your Thank You Note to a Surgeon

Writing a thank you note to a surgeon may seem intimidating. Use one of the following samples or use the thank you template here to write your own.

If none of the following samples suit you, you can request a thank you note or use one of these time-tested, classic thank you quotes. Handwriting your thank you note on personal stationary or in a tasteful card will reflect the heartfelt

gratitude you wish to express. On the more practical side, it allows your thank you note to a surgeon to be brief and powerful. After all, a surgeon is a busy man.

Should you choose to send a thank you gift to your surgeon. Popular gifts include engraved pen sets, gift baskets featuring caviar, gourmet coffees or teas, and the grand daddy, classic thank you gift–the fruit basket. Keep coming back to this site. See the RSS feed in upper, left-hand corner of the page. There is an exciting (well, I’m excited about it) thank you gift section on the way.

Thank You Note to a Surgeon – When You Were the Patient

• Dear Dr. (insert name)

Thank you for your tremendous skill in performing my (insert procedure or leave this out) operation. Your talent and caring manner is a credit to the medical profession. You are truly a lifesaver. Thank you, again.


Christine Murphy

Thank You Note to a Surgeon – When Patient is Close Friend or Relative

• Thank you for taking the time to explain to me (us) about insert name’s surgery. Your patience and understanding before and after the operation, in addition to your tremendous skill in the operating room, is greatly appreciated. I (We) cannot thank you enough.

Sympathy Thank You Language to Surgeon – When Patient has passed away

• Thank you for your skill and kindness before, during and following insert name’s surgery. Although the result is not what we had hoped, I (we) take comfort in knowing that insert name’s life was in your skillful and talented hands. You are a credit to the medical profession, and I (we) thank you, again.