Wedding Thank You Card Wording M-thru-Z

Wedding Thank You Card Wording for gifts A- to Z part 2. This page is wording for cards from M to Z.


Maid of Honor

• Thank you for participating in my special day as my Maid of Honor. Your generosity and kindness was so very much appreciated. I shall hold those memories of you on my special day close to me forever. Thanks again.

massage/spa gift certificate

• Thank you so much for the spa gift certificates. They are truly appreciated and so very much needed by me and [husband’s name]! We shall put them to good use in the near future and shall think of you fondly when we recall that special day. Thanks again.

measuring cups/measuring spoons

• Thank you for the measuring cups and spoons. These will certainly prove useful when we are preparing our family meals, and will certainly conjure up kind thoughts of you in the process. Thanks again.


Thank you so much for the gracious gift. The microwave is just right for us, and [husband’s name] and I will certainly use it often with kind thoughts of you. Thanks again.


• Thank you so much for the very gracious monetary gift. Words cannot express how grateful we are for your generosity and kindness. [Husband’s name] and I will certainly put this to good use for [purpose] in the near future. Thanks again.

mug (also see coffee cups)

• Thank you for the precious mugs. They are just the right size for us, and will be used many times over, especially when we serve coffee with dessert! Thanks again.


napkin rings

• Thank you so very much for the elegant napkins. These will lend such a fine touch to our place settings and will always remind us of you whenever we take them out. Thanks again.

night gown (see lingerie or pajamas)

• Thank you for the pretty night gown. It’s just perfect for me, and I shall always think of you with fond thoughts when I wear it. Thanks again.


There are currently no notes for the letter “O.” Check the wedding gift thank you index for alternative spellings.

painting (also see artwork)

• Thank you so very much for the gorgeous art work you gifted us. It really is quite stunning and we have already picked out a special place for it in our home. We shall cherish it always. Thanks again.

pajamas (also see lingerie)

• Thank you for the wonderful set of pajamas. You know how much I love pajamas and these are fabulous. I can’t wait to put them on! Thanks again.


• Thank you for the pretty paperweight. It’s wonderful to have something to remind [husband’s name] and I of you. We shall look at it fondly forever. Thanks again.

pasta maker

• Thank you so much for the great pasta maker. We love the idea of making our own pasta, and now we have the best tool to make it with. We greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thanks again!

pasta steamer• Thank you so much for the pasta steamer. As you know, family dinners are so important to us, and because of this, we really appreciate this great gift. We shall use it time and time again. Thanks again.

patio furniture/patio set• Thank you for the very gracious gift. We are so grateful to you for the beautiful patio furniture set. It really was so unexpected. [Husband’s name] and I shall appreciate it always. Your kindness will always be fondly remembered. Thanks again.
photo album
• Thank you for the elegant photo album. It shall be put to good use as [husband’s name] and I build our memories together. It is very much appreciated. Thanks again.
• Thank you so much for the generous gift of pots and pans. We absolutely adore this set, and will certainly put it to good use many times over as [husband’s name] and I prepare our family meals together. Thanks again.
picture frame

• Thank you for the beautiful picture frame. It will perfect in our Living Room and enjoyed for many years to come. Thanks again.

pitcher/pitcher set(with glasses)

• Thank you so much for the elegant pitcher and glasses set. It will be wonderfully refreshing to use them especially during our hot summer days. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

pillow/pillow shams

• Thank you for the amazing pillows and pillow shams! They are wonderfully comfortable for us, and we will sleep on them beautifully. Thanks again, so much for your care-full thought and generosity.

place mats/place settings

• Thank you for the exquisite place mats and place settings. They will blend beautifully with our Dining Room colors. Thanks again!


• Thank you so much for the elegant platter. It will “hold” a special place in our hearts and especially at our holiday parties! Thank you very much.


• Thank you for the amazing plaque. It will be lovingly appreciated forever. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

potholders• Thank you for the awesome potholders! The quality and colors are delightful and they will be a joyous part of our kitchen forever. Thank you again.


quilt (also see comforter)

• Thank you so much for the beautiful and abundant quilt. It blends so perfectly with our Feng Shui-ed (or newly decorated) bedroom. Thank you again for such a thoughtful gift.


rice bowls (see bowls)

• Thank you for the delightful rice bowls. They will be lovingly enjoyed and will remind us to eat mindfully. Thank you again.

rice cooker

• Thank you for the rice cooker. It will come in handy when we make sushi and Chinese food–our favorite! It’s a great gift from a great friend. Thanks again.

robe/robe set

• Thank you for the gorgeous robe-set. We will wear them in exquisite comfort. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

Ssalad/salad serving set

• Thank you for the wonderful salad serving set. It will be so much fun to serve huge and healthy salads in it. The healthier the better. Thank you.

salt and pepper shakers

• Thank you for the adorable salt and pepper shakers! They add such a special warmth to our dining room table. Thank you so much.


• Thank you for the lovely scrapbook. It will hold beautiful memories of friends and family. Thank you very much.

sculpture (also see artwork)

• Thank you for the fantastic sculpture. It truly makes a peaceful statement. It will set the tone for our yard and home, and is so calming to ponder. Thanks again!

serving utensils/spoons (see also utensils)

• Thank you for the beautiful serving utensils. They will fit in perfectly with our new salad bowl and h’ors doeuvre tray. Thank you again!

serving tray (crystal or silver – also see tray/tv tray)

• Thank you for the gorgeous crystal serving tray. It will add such an exquisite quality to our dinner and holiday parties. Thank you again, so much.

sheets (also see linens)

• Thank you for the glorious sheets and linens. They match perfectly with our bedding and bath. Thanks again for such a generous gift!

silver platter (also see platter)

• Thank you for the lovely silver platter. It will add a sparkling touch during special occasions. Thanks again.

silverware (also see cutlery)

• Thank you for the fine silverware set. It has such a lovely quality and will be enjoyed at many, many special meals. Thank you again.

silverware box

• Thank you for the unique silverware box. It will be such a pleasure using it to hold our finest silverware and it has such a lovely, rich interior. Thank you so much.

slow cooker (see crock pot)

• Thank you for the quality crock pot! It will be put to excellent use for our delicious, nutritious stews and enjoyed by all of us. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

spa package/spa gift certificate

• Thank you for the glorious spa package. Wow, what a generous and thoughtful gift! We will enjoy this to the utmost. Thanks again.

spice rack

• Thank you for the beautiful spice rack. It will be such an efficiently organized place for all of our spices and herbs. Thank you very much.

stir-fry pan (also see wok)

• Thank you for the fantastic stir-fry pan. It is both beautiful and practical just like you. Thank you so much.


• Thank you for the kitchen strainer. We make a lot of pasta and veggies, and this is the best strainer for the job. Thank you for the perfect, practical gift!

sugar bowl and creamer set

• Thank you for the sugar bowl and creamer set. It’s so lovely to have an elegant tea and coffee set-up for special guests. Thanks for your special gift.


tea set/coffee set

• Thank your for the beautiful coffee and tea set. It will blend in wonderfully with our dining room motif and table set, and will be thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thanks again.


• Thank you for the wonderful thermometer! What a thoughtful and perfect gift. This is something that will come in handy just when we need it. Thank you.

towels(see kitchen towels or bath towels)

• Thank you for the beautiful, high-quality towels. They are so soft and lovely and will be used with a lot of gratitude. Thank you so much for your special gift.


• Thank you for the highly useful, quality toothbrush. These are so wonderful to have especially while travelling. Thank you for such a thoughtful gift.

travel (see vacation)

• Thank you for the vacation package! Wow, this is the creme de la creme! We will take you with us in our hearts.. Thank you so, so much!

tray tables/tv trays (or see serving tray)

• Thank you for the cutest and most practical TV trays! They are such a fantastic gift and will be used over and over. Thank you again.


• Thank you for the vast array of often utilized Tupperware. It is such a delight to have such practical and highly useful things for our kitchen and lives. Thanks again.



• Thank you for the great kitchen utensils. A very practical and wonderful gift. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.


vacation (honeymoon and frequent flyer miles)

• Thank you for the frequent flyer miles! We can most definitely use these for business and pleasure. Thank you for very thoughtful and abundant gift.


• Thank you so much for the honeymoon/vacation gift! You thought of the perfect place for us to relax and enjoy our time together. This is so amazing. Thank you so much.for your wonderful generosity and thoughtfulness.


• Thank you for the exquisite flower vase. It is so endearing to have it in our presence daily, and goes with our dining room set amazingly well. Thank you so much.


wedding (paid for wedding)

• Thank you so so much for your highly generous gift. Paying for the wedding is generous beyond words and your good will is deeply appreciated and returned in kind. Thank you so, so much.
wedding dress

• Thank you for the glorious and exquisite wedding dress. This is truly the frosting on my wedding cake experience. Delicious, amazingly sweet, and, one I will always cherish. Thank you again for your generosity.

wine, bottle of wine

• Thank you for the preciously, exquisite bottle of wine. This will be thoroughly enjoyed and savored with our fine dinnerware for as long as possible. Thank you for your elegant gift.
wine glasses

• Thank you for the most elegant wine glasses. They are finely designed and of highest quality, to be enjoyed for many lovely occasions to come. Thank you so very much. Cheers!


• Thank you for the fantastic wok. It will be used frequently to nourish our family and friends with joy. Thank you so much.