Wedding Thank You Poems

Wedding Thank You Poem PicHere are some brand new, original wedding thank you poems you can use* in your wedding programs, cards and scrapbook pages.

Short Poems to Say Thank You to Wedding Guests

Your presence on our special day
touched our hearts in the very deepest way.
~Christy Murphy

The cake, the music, the flowers, the toasts
aren’t the things that we’ll treasure the most.
It was seeing smiling faces and sharing happy tears,
and knowing friends and family were here.
~Christy Murphy

To Say Thanks to Maid of Honor/Bridesmaids

For being so awesome
the best of the best.
For planning the party
and help with the dress.

For help with rehearsals,
flowers and even shoes,
but mostly I appreciate
you just being you.
~Christy Murphy

To Dad

As you walk me down the aisle,
and all the guests turn and smile.
My eyes well up;
My heart beats glad
with pride and gratitude
that you’re my dad.
~Christy Murphy

To Mom

Memories flash in my mind.
Emotions bring tears to my eyes.
Overwhelmed with appreciation
for all of the times
you saved the day with a hug or comforting advice
or waking up really early
or staying up late at night.
Unconditional love in the form of laundry, dinner and rides–
the less glamorous moments that add up over time.
Mom, I never realized how much you do,
and how much of who I am, because of you.
~Christy Murphy

Funny Poem

A brief thanks is all we have time to say to you,
we don’t me to be unkind or rude,but now that we are bride and groom,
we’re anxious to get started on our honeymoon. ~Christy Murphy

*The poems above were written exclusively for this website and are for you own personal use in wedding programs, scrapbooks, and thank you cards. If you would like to post them on your Facebook or Twitter, wedding website please link back to this site. 🙂