Writing Wedding Thank You Cards Made Easy

The wedding phrases below will make writing wedding thank you cards a snap. Plus, if you’re looking for sample thank you note wording we have tons of examples of poems and other gift wording, too.

General Wedding Thank You Template

Dear (insert name),

Thank you for the (insert adjective like wonderful, lovely, etc) (insert name of gift). It is beautiful (handy, etc.), and will look great in our (insert name of room in the house). We love it. Thanks again.

Love (or Best, Warmest Regards, Sincerely),

Your name.

Wedding Thank You Phrases You May Find Handy

• Your friendship, love and well wishes will be remembered always.

• I will think of you every time use it.

• Your generous gift and well wishes are truly appreciated.

• Your practical gift is greatly appreciated.

• Your presence at the wedding, made it that much more of a special occasion.

• Thank you for your lovely gift.

• Thank you for not only coming to the wedding, but for your beautiful gift as well.

• Even though you could not attend, your well wishes were felt thoroughly on the day.

• Your generosity and support will be remembered always.

• Thank you for the elegant gift you sent.

• You have incredible taste.

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